WiFi Onboard!

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Many of the new model motorcoaches have wi-fi on board which can make your travel time more productive and comfortable! Make the Smart Move and climb aboard!

Family Reunions… Re-imagined!

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One of the biggest challenges with any large family reunion is often transportation. How do you move that many people around town? How do you get from the restaurant to the hotels? How do you all get to spend time together without spending your days stuck in traffic all sitting in separate rental cars? Motorcoach companies understand family reunions and we know that transportation can be the difference between an extraordinary event and just another few vacation days wasted. You see, reunions are better on a motorcoach because we provide movies for the kids, quiet space for the adults to connect, even Wifi, power outlets, restrooms and plenty of room to separate those brothers who just have never really gotten along. Call us today and let us help you put your family reunion in the fast lane to fun!