Choose Safety. Choose Motorcoach.

Over 7 times safer then driving your own automobile, motorcoaches are the safest way for groups to travel and it shows!

Make The Smart Move!

Motorcoaches are always the smart move for groups big and small. From safety to luxury, efficiency to fun, motorcoach has it all.

Fun. Fun. Fun.

There are thousands of ways to use a motorcoach to make your next group outing the best ever.


Think Safety

Motorcoaches are more than 7 times safer then your passenger car. Getting where you need to go is not nearly as important as getting there safely.

Think Green

Motorcoaches deliver more passenger miles per gallon then trains, plains, passenger cars, even hybrid vehicles. Because tomorrows world is in our hands today!

Think Cost Effective

Motorcoaches are more than a pretty face, they are the ultimate way to move groups large and small and booking one for your next trip will be more cost effective then you might imagine!

Think Luxurious

When most people think Motorcoaches they may not think luxury, but they would be wrong! Modern motorcoaches offer luxury amenities that make even the nicest trains and airplanes just a little bit jealous!

Over 7,000,000 Strong

Each year, more then 7 million people choose motorcoach when they travel. Let us show you why!

What are the top 6 ways to use a motorcoach? Here you go!

Corporate Events

From small team building meetings to mega corporate events, motorcoach is the better way for businesses to get work done.


From the bachelor party to airport shuttles for all those out of town guests, motorcoaches make the big day even better!

Sports Teams

Young and Old alike, with a motorcoach teams get where they are going on time and ready for the big game, many times for less then driving their own cars.

School Transportation

Field trips, sporting events, clubs and even teacher training, when it comes to school transportation, nothing beats a motorcoach!

Church Groups

From youth retreats to ministry trips and everything in between, a motorcoach is the perfect way for a congregation to travel. Wether your flock is large or small a motorcoach does it all!

Fun. Fun. Fun.

When the time comes to spend some quality time with your friends there is nothing better then a motorcoach. From wine trips to concerts, dining adventures to river rafting, when together matters, motorcoach is the way to go.

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"Everything was fantastic. The bus was clean and comfortable, and between the good bus and our drivers competent driving, the ride was smooth and peaceful. Our Driver provided excellent suggestions for pit-stops and meals. Overall, the trip was perfect. Cheers!"

− Northern Arizona University

"Hi, The trip was wonderful. We all had so much fun and everything went really smoothly. Our driver did a fabulous job for the day. The bus was amazing a worked out very well for us. Thank you so much."

− Portland Trail Blazers