Lasting Memories

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There are so many reasons to travel, so many places to see and experience, but I think that going together, with a group is the most memorable way to get there.

I remember in high school, our band and choir did a combined end of the year tour. We took two motorcoaches loaded down with band instruments, music stands and luggage. The buses were full of my excited band and choir mates, our teachers and a few parent chaperons.

What I remember most about that trip, is the laughter. I know what you are thinking – high school girls laugh at everything, and you are right to some degree, but this was different. It was like we are all in it together, the jocks, the nerds, the band geeks, the populars. All clique boundaries were thrown to the side for a few days and together we were on those buses making memories.

For me, it’s been over 20 years since that music tour and my high school friends and I still laugh about the things that we said or did on that trip. It’s funny how long something like that will stay with you. Yes, traveling by plane is faster for the most part, but can you make pit stops along the way and see places you might never have thought of? Traveling by plane is also less personable and comfortable. When you travel by motorcoach you get to know your driver, and he/she becomes part of your group.

The driver of our bus was named Chuck, and he loved racing. Because Chuck was such an awesome guy, we decided to make a pit stop in Indianapolis and tour the race track. Our group purchased him a shirt and I remember he was moved to tears because he was so touched that we thought so highly of him. Can you blame us? This man was sent out on a four of five day trip with a bunch of crazy high schoolers. I think a shirt was the least we could do for him!

Motorcoach trips = lasting memories, and that’s why I think group travel is better by bus.

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